Tarot Card Reader Jobs

Tarot Card Reader JobsDo you enjoy giving tarot card readings? Have you ever wanted to turn it into your own business or your career path? Well now you can with our Tarot Card Reader Jobs. In the past you’d need to either have your own office, new age shop or travel around to shows to do so but now we bring the show to you!

With our service you can perform tarot readings right from the comfort of home with nothing more than a microphone and your webcam. It’s truly as easy as logging in when you want to work and earning money for every single reading you perform.

There is nothing to pay to work with us but we do pay you 50 percent of every single sale you generate and with the growth of the service you’ll be sure to get many repeat customers coming back to you again and again as you become more and more established on the system.You’ll absolutely love how simple the whole process is and how easy it is to start working online giving tarot card readings.

Tarot Card Reader Jobs Available Online

So if you’ve been looking for a way to earn money with your love of tarot cards then apply online and get started today!



  1. Dear sir/madam,

    My name is Madhu n m doing tarrot card reading since last 3 years n i ve done Reiki n some more courses like numerology , fengshui, crystal healing, hypnotherapy n magnified healing……..so m luking for a gud career in ds………………………if you can help me n give me some work i will be grateful to you……..i ve nt made aany website yet………

    Thanks n Regards

    • iPsychicJobs says:

      Apply online anytime 🙂

      • My name is Pamela I am a tarot reader, been reading the tarot cards for 18 years, my readings are positive I am a medium work in many spiritual churches been doing that for 5 years, I also do readings on objects, been doing that for 17 years. I give readings at home and on the phone. I work in the love and light always. I am looking for work hope to hear from you soon love and light I send to you.

      • iPsychicJobs says:

        Come and apply when you’re ready!

  2. sasha kemble says:

    I am a tarot reader, do you have any vacancies for on line work, thanks sasha

  3. great!

  4. Gail Adams says:


    My name is Gail Adams, I am a tarot reader with amazing accuracy. Through using the cards I can tell about the persons difficulties, whether it be money, love, lawsuits, children. I have even used the cards during a readig. Everything that I saw in the cards came on the evening news. The young lady whom I did the cards for was amazed!!! I predicted all the details through using the cards and my psychic and intuitve abliltes. I do have amazing accuracy. All of my clients feel relieved after my readings, alast they have found the answer to their questions they have worried and pondered over. I can also communicate to loved ones who have passed over, nick names and names come to me while using the cards. I do this from home and I love doing it. I put adds in the paper to have peole looking for answers. There is no question of my accuracy. Please email having this job would be a dream come true. I feel like I would be a top psychic because of my accuracy and my ability to connect with people on a deep emotional and spiritual level. I have always been connected to the occult forces and have predicted situations often. Please contact me at the above email address. Thank you and look forward to hearing from someone from iPsychic!!!!

  5. How experienced do you require the tarot readers to be? I wouldn’t consider myself expert yet – I cannot remember the meanings of every single card off by heart but I think I am good at drawing meanings from their position in the spread, seeing the bigger picture and giving a reading that relates to the individual’s question and circumstances.

    • iPsychicJobs says:

      Your level of experience is just fine. It’s all about the quality of your readings that will keep your clients coming back for more!

  6. Michaela Stubbs says:

    I have been reading Tarot cards for more than 10 years, and specialized in angel card readings. I have excellent listening skills and I am very familiar with customer service work over the phone.

  7. Eloise Ockert says:

    I would like to work as a tarot card reader.
    I am 59, and have been studying and giving tarot card readings as well as requesting the same since age 19. I have worked party’s for friends, and have done exchange readings with other readers. I also have been paid but only charge what I feel the querent could afford.

    I want to work for more money feel zi know enough and can branch out but don’t know how to get started.

    Found your website and was hoping I could do so through you!

    • iPsychicJobs says:

      You absolutely can! We are always in need of talented tarot card readers. We’d love to have you become part of our family. See you soon!

  8. Hello, I am from Pakistan and my passion is to read Tarot cards for people who need help. I do offline readings a lot and have appeared on different channels here in Karachi. My programs are on youtube too. I would be very happy if I can reach out to larger audiences through online readings. Thank you, looking forward to your answer.

  9. Hi, I have been reading tarot cards for 5 years for friends and family and want to start off professionally. This seems like a good forum. Please let me know if online reading jobs are available for me.

  10. hi, I have been reading Tarot cards for friends and family for last 5 years and want to start off professionally. This seems to be a good forum. Please let me know if any jobs are available.

  11. hi
    i would like to apply for a position with you as a tarot card reader. i am experienced. how do i apply


    • iPsychicJobs says:

      It’s as easy as clicking apply at the top of the website. Let us know if you have any other questions and thanks so much for your interest.

  12. I’m practicing as atarot card reader, numerologisr and as an astrologer for last five years.i want to work with you. Pls guide me how can I work with you.

  13. Do you have any jobs working from home?

  14. Debra lushey says:

    I have done tarot readings for friends and family with good results I have also been on a tarot course and passed would love to do tarot readings for the public

    • iPsychicJobs says:

      You sound like you are well on your way and we’d love to let you put those skills to work. Feel free to apply online!

  15. Christal Aberle says:

    I dont have a personal site as of yet. I am looking at doing readings over the phone or the way you suggest. Can you call me with details my emsil is down right now..,, I need to create anothrr account. Thanks for your time. Christal
    ) 0 ( blessed be

  16. Christal Aberle says:

    Im looking gor a job reading my cards over the phone. Can someone call me with details? My email is down right now, I need to set up a new one. Here is my cell 732 500 8154
    thanks for your time, Christal ) 0 ( blessed be

  17. I am a Pranic healer, hypnotherapist & Tarot Card Reader.With Divine support my Tarot Card Readings hve 100% accuracy and Im able to counsel n guide my client.There is no room fir doubt in my readings that is the kevel of confidence I have & offer!!!

    • iPsychicJobs says:

      Thanks for the comments. We’d love to work with you! Feel free to apply anytime you’re ready to get started.

  18. Hey name Jaclyn been a tarot reader for some qwit time know very spiritual gifted guides past,present,future,love happyness relship health.

  19. Ive been reading for years now doing home visits, get togethers at salons and im looking to do phone readings now. Anything avalable?

  20. Kim Richardson says:

    Hi I am an Lenormand oracle card reader do you acept this type of reading besides tarot card reading

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