Psychic Job Schedules: Your Schedule on Webcam

Psychic Job SchedulesOne of the biggest problems with most opportunities are the time constraints but with our Psychic Jobs you no longer need to worry even if your already employed or working full-time.

With us you have the ability to arrange your own schedule including but not limited to the days, hours per week and more.

With our site being live 24 hours per day you can schedule to work anytime that’s good for you. So forget about having to work when someone else wants you to and take control of your schedule by giving readings live on webcam from home.

Once your account has been approved it’s as easy as logging in and choosing what times you want to work, with it at all taking nothing more than a couple clicks to do so.

You’ll be able to access and update your schedule from within the psychic center in your account. We do ask that you update your schedule a week in advance because it helps your clients know when you’ll be available for a reading.

Psychic Job Schedules: Work as Much as You Want!

You only work as much or as little as you want. All that we require is that your available for readings during the times you selected.

In terms of what is required, you need to be able to be available at least 14 hours per week but of course you can always work more hours then you have schedule anytime you want.

So if for example you put in your schedule you’d be available from 8pm to 9pm and decide you wanted to stay on and take more readings, you can simply stay on as long as you want without having to change anything in your schedule. Simple as can be!