Do I Need to Pay to Work Online?

Do I need to pay anything to work giving readings online?
What's it Cost to Be an Online Psychic?This is a question we get a lot and rightfully so. There are plenty of companies that charge people just so they can work for them but with us that is not the case whatsoever. Actually it’s quite the opposite and to put it simply; we do not charge anything ever.
After all this about you sharing your gifts with the world and your performing the readings so naturally you should be the one getting paid for something and that’s exactly what we do. You’ll never have to pay us anything to work with us whatsoever but we do pay you 50 percent of every reading you perform which is by far the best rates in the industry.
The reason you receive 50 as opposed to 100 percent is that the 50 percent goes towards maintaining our website, handling all the billing and credit card processing, customer disputes and refunds.
So not only do you not need to pay anything to work as an online psychic or any other type of reader but you don’t need to deal with the hassles of running credit cards, costly advertising campaigns and many other headaches – you can focus on what you love to do without it costing a thing.

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