What Do I Need to Give Psychic Readings Online?

psychic-needsOne of the first questions confronted when becoming an online psychic is; What do I need to give psychic readings online?
You may think that you need stacks of equipment, computer programs, software and endless supplies but in reality it’s much simpler!

Equipment Needed

All you need to perform your readings is a webcam, computer and a microphone! See that isn’t bad is it?
Your equipment along with your account will be all you’ll need to give your actual readings. Best of all if you don’t already have these items you can easily obtain them at an affordable price. If you do need them check out the prices online at Amazon and you’ll be surprise how affordable webcams and microphones can be.

Software to Give Psychic Readings

Now this aspect is really cool. You’ll find that when you register to give readings that you can get the software needed and all other information to get started right from within your account and it’s all for free. Just like working with us is completely free so is all the software you’ll need to connect with clients on our system.
Not only is it free but our psychic community is very easy to use so easy it’ll take you no time to get comfortable with it – it’s like a big social network for various types of psychic readers and clients to interact!
So as you can tell it doesn’t take much at all when it comes to what you’ll need to give psychic readings online. Everything was built with the intent to be the best and most affordable for all who wish to begin giving readings professionally online.
Register now if you already haven’t and see first hand how simple and easy it is to get up and going.

2 thoughts on “What Do I Need to Give Psychic Readings Online?

    1. It’s so you can give live readings over the internet. The webcam is so they can see you and the mic is so they can hear you 🙂

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